Terumos Umaasros Short Q&A

There is no obligation for one to use the fruits of the same tree to separate Terumos Umaasros. Hence, one may collect lemons from one tree and then collect another lemon from another tree for the sake of using it for the Teruma Umaaser separation. However, this only works when they’re the same species, and only if the fruits of both trees require Teruma Umaaser to be removed from them, and they are both within the same year of Shemita.

See Michaber Y.D. 331:53-58

No. Mushrooms are exempt from Terumos Umaasros separation.

See: Michaber 331:13; Maasros 1:1 and Rishonim ibid [i.e. Rivmatz, Rash; Rambam Pirush Hamishnayos]; Rambam Matanos Aniyim 2:2; Shabbos 68a; Nida 50a; Encyclopedia Talmudit Vol. 31 “Erech Kimeihin”; Vol. 5 Erech “Giddulei Karka” p. 192 footnote 129

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