Setting the table

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Setting the table:[1]

One is to prepare the Seder table on Erev Pesach, before Yom Tov.[2] [This, however, is with exception to the Seder plate which is only prepared once the father returns from Shul.[3] The cushions for leaning are to also be prepared at this time. It is not necessary to prepare cushions for women if they are not accustomed to lean.]

Having beautiful vessels on the table:[4] On the night of Pesach [by the Seder] it is proper to place many beautiful vessels [of gold and silver[5]] on the table, in accordance to that which one can afford. One should not diminish in placing beautiful vessels on the table even though it is proper to do so during the year in commemoration of the Churban.[6] Even vessels that are not needed for the meal are to be placed on the table.[7] Even [non-Chametz[8]] vessels that one is holding as a Mashkon from a gentile are to be set on the table.[9] The vessels are to be well organized on the table, thus making the table beautiful. All this is done in order to serve as remembrance of the redemption [and expresses one’s great joy and gratitude of all the kindness that Hashem has done for us[10]].[11]


[1] Admur 472:1; Michaber 472:1

[2] The reason: The table to be set before Yom Tov in order so one can start the meal immediately after dark. The reason one is to begin the meal immediately upon the entrance of night is in order to be able to perform the Seder [the portion of Maggid] while the children are still awake, as the Torah states “Vehigadta Livincha Bayom Hahu”. [Admur ibid]

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[8] Such as vessels that a gentile never yet used, or that one Kashered before Pesach. Upashut, that it is forbidden to place Chametz vessels of a gentile on the table, as brought in 451:1.

[9] Admur ibid; M”A 472:2; Maharil p. 88; See Admur Gezeila Ugeneiva 4 and Kuntrus Acharon 6 that using the Mashkon of a gentile is not considered stealing; See also Shach Y.D. 120:19 and Taz Y.D. 120:11; However one may not use the Mashkon of a Jew due to stealing. [Admur ibid] The Mashkon of a gentile does not require Tevila. [Shach ibid]

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