Saying a blessing upon building a Sukkah

Saying a blessing upon building a Sukkah:[1]

One who builds a Sukkah does not recite a blessing upon building it. Meaning that a blessing of “Asher Kidishanu Bemitzvosav Vetzivanu Lasos Sukkah” is not recited, even though it is commonly recited upon the fulfillment of other Mitzvos.[2] This applies whether one builds a Sukkah for himself to dwell in it during the festival, or on behalf of others for them to dwell in it during the festival.


[1] Admur 641:1; Kunturs Achron 263:3; Michaber 641:1; Rambam Brachos 11:8; Menachos 42b “Laasos Sukkah is not recited”; Sukkos 46a; Tosafos Sukkah 46a; So rule regarding Tzitzis: Admur 19:1; Michaber 19:1; Menachos ibid

Other opinions: The Yerushalmi rules that one is to recite a blessing upon building the Sukkah. [Yerushalmi Brachos 9:3 “One who makes a Sukkah for himself says the blessing of Asher Kidishanu Bemitzvosav Vetzivanu La’asos Sukkah”]

[2] The reason: As the building of the Sukkah is not the completion of the Mitzvah, as the main Mitzvah is only fulfilled when dwells in the Sukkah during the holiday itself. [Admur ibid and in Kuntrus Achron ibid] Vetzaruch Iyun from Bedikas Chameitz, in which case we a blessing is recited at the time of Bedika even though the Mitzvah is only fulfilled the next day.

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