Pictures in the marital bedroom

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Pictures in the marital bedroom:[1]

All pictures of people are to be removed from the marital bedroom prior to intimacy.[2] However, pictures of the couple may remain in the room.

May pictures of Tzadikim remain in a room where one will have marital intimacy?[3] Technically, it is permitted to do so.[4] Furthermore, some imply that it is even praiseworthy to do so.[5] Nevertheless, being that some feel uncomfortable having intimacy in front of a Tzadik, therefore it is best to cover it with a single covering, or remove the picture from the wall.[6]


[1] Sheyikadesh Atzmo 29 footnote 1

[2] See Halacha 2 that one may not speak of unrelated matters in order so that he does not come to think of other people, and hence certainly the pictures are to be removed.

[3] See Chosen Yeshuos 2:117; Sheyikadesh Atzmo 32:18

[4] Pashut; Darkei Taharah p. 209; See Koveitz Ohalei Sheim 5:91

[5] See Shevet Hamussar 24 that she is to think of a Tzaddik during intimacy so that her children become tzadikim and Chassidim; See Rebbe Yochanon in Brachos 20a that when the women who left the Mikveh would see him, they would have children like him, thus proving that also her thoughts have an effect; Ramban Igeres Hakodesh chapter 5; See Sheyikadesh Atzmo 14 footnote 7; One of the Rebbe’s Mashbakim is said to have relayed that in the Rebbe’s bedroom there was a picture of the Rebbe Rayatz.

[6] See Chosen Yeshuos ibid and Sheyikadesh Atzmo ibid which conclude that it should be removed or covered with a single cover.

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