Marital Relations on night of Shavuos

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Avoiding Tashmish:

One is to avoid marital relations on the night of Shavuos.[1]

Night of Mikveh:[2] If the night of Mikveh falls on Shavuos night, one is to have marital relations. 



Is one to avoid marital relations on both nights of Shavuos in the Diaspora?[3]

Some Poskim[4] rule one is to abstain from marital relations on both nights of Shavuos, in the Diaspora. Other Poskim[5] however rule that it only applies on the first night.

Is one to avoid Tashmish by the Shloshes Yimei Hagbala?

Some avoid marital relations beginning three nights before Shavuos, during the Shloshes Yimei Hagbala.[6] However, according to the Arizal, one is only to abstain on the night of Shavuos.[7]



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The reason: As a) One is meant to stay awake the entire night learning Torah. B) This is based on Kabala.

[2] Admur 494:3; M”A 494 in name of Arizal ibid; M”B ibid

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