Learning and saying Birchas Hatorah before washing hands in the morning upon awakening

Learning Torah and reciting Birchas Hatorah prior to washing ones hands upon awakening?[1]

One must wash his hands prior to saying the blessing and speaking words of Torah.[2] However if there is no water available then he may recite Birchas Hatorah and learn without washing his hands although he is to clean his hands on rocks and the like [if he slept with parts of his body uncovered[3]].


[1] 47/9; Rama 47/13; Se also Basra 1/7; Kama 4/3; Siddur; See Chapter 3 Halacha 7 where this ruling was dealt with extensively!

[2] Basra and Siddur ibid rule one must wash his hands beforehand. However 47/9 and Rama ibid rule this is only initially required. See Chapter 3 Halacha 3D where this matter was dealt with extensively!

[3] See Chapter 3 Halacha 7!

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