Kashrus of wheat straw plates for Pesach

Question: [Wednesday, 15th Adar 1, 5782]

I would like to purchase wheat straw plates for during the year and Passover? Is there any Kashrus issue with using such plates on Pesach?



There is no issue with using it, neither during the year, nor on Pesach, and hence you may purchase it for Pesach use without worry of Chametz.


Wheat straw plates are produced using the straw which houses the wheat kernels, after the wheat kernels are removed. There are several reasons for why there is no issue of Chametz in the use of these plates:

  1. There is no actual wheat inside and the straw is not Chametz: As stated above, the wheat kernels are removed prior to production, and the plasticky formula is formed only from the straw itself. Now, the Poskim rule that the straw of grain does not have the status of Chametz. This is because: a) it cannot leaven when mixed with water, which is a crucial requirement for a product to be considered Chametz and b) the straw is not considered edible for humans or animals, and is therefore not considered a food at all, and is not under the restrictions of Chametz, just as we rule that even real Chamtez food loses its Chametz status if it comes inedible for a dog. It is hence not similar at all to the bran part of the kernel which can become Chametz.
  2. What if a kernel of wheat was accidentally mixed into the production: Even if this were to occur, it would not pose an issue being that the kernel is completely nullified to the rest of the mixture, and is made completely inedible before the start of Pesach. Furthermore, the Poskim rule that we do not suspect for a kernel being left within the stalk.

Sources: See regarding that the stalk of the grain is not Chametz: Admur 465:3 [food is Mutar on Pesach even if found cooked grain stalk in it]; Rama 465:3; Chok Yaakov 454:1; See regarding that we do not suspect that any grain has remained in the stalk: Admur 465:3; Taz 465:3; M”A 465:5; Chok Yaakov 465:7; See regarding bran: Admur 465:1-5 that Morson [bran] is Chametz, 454:8 regarding Morson Matzah

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