Giving a present to a gentile

May one give a present to a gentile?[1]

It is forbidden to give a free present to a gentile that one is not acquainted with.[2] This applies even if the gentile is not an idolater, such as a Muslim.[3] If however one is acquainted with the gentile, he may give him a free present, as certainly the gentile will repay him for the favor.[4]


[1] 151/11; Avoda Zara 20

[2] Michaber ibid

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Ger Toshev: It however does not apply to a Ger Toshev [Shach ibid], which are those gentiles that have accepted the seven Nohadite laws. [Chinuch 426]

[4] Taz 151/8

The reason: Being that the Gentile will repay him, it is thus not considered like a present at all, but rather like a sale. [ibid]

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