Garden produce

Removing garden produce that is insulated within earth:[1]

One who insulated vegetables or herbs within earth before Shabbos may remove them on Shabbos so long as they have not yet become rooted into the ground.[2] If the vegetable contains a leaf which is sticking out from the earth one may pull it out from the leaf. If it is completely insulated within the earth one may stick a knife into it in order to pull it out. [It is however forbidden to move the earth with one’s hands due to the Muktzah prohibition.[

[1] 336/13; 311/14

[2] This applies even if one placed them in the earth with intent to root and further grow. The reason for this is because so long as the item has not yet rooted it is not considered part of the ground. It is also not considered Muktzah as edible foods never become Muktzah even if one sets them aside. [311/14]

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