Esther is informed of the Decree

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Esther is informed of the Decree:[1]

Esther hears of the sackcloth being worn by Mordechai and sends Hasach to Mordechai to find out the reason for the sackcloth. Esther is informed by Mordechai of the decree and is asked to meet with the king and intervene on behalf of her nation. Esther at first refuses under the pretense of the law prohibiting entrance to the king without royal permission. Mordechai in turn chastises Esther for her reluctance and promises her that if she refuses to intervene G-d will send them another messenger and she and her household will be lost forever.



What happened to Esther when she became informed of the decree?[2]

The verse states “”Vatischalchel Hamalka”. Some expound this to mean that Esther menstruated. Others interpret this to mean that Esther lost control of her bowels. The Midrash[3] states that Esther was pregnant and had a miscarriage as soon as she heard of the decree. She never had children after this event. Others however say that she did have a child called Daryaveish later on in her life.


How did Esther communicate with Mordechai?[4]

The verse states that she sent a messenger called Hasach to relay and receive messages from Mordechai. The Sages expound that this was Daniel. Daniel had been appointed third to the king in the times of Belshatzar and Daryaveish, however was later demoted by Achashveirosh. The verse however does not state that Hasach continued sending the messages between Mordechai and Esther. The Midrash[5] learns that Haman, upon seeing the constant entrance and exit of Hasach/Daniel, kicked him and killed him, and he is thus no longer mentioned. From this point and onwards Esther and Mordechai communicated through Ruach Hakodesh.


What did Esther inform Mordechai?[6]

She told him that if I enter the king’s chamber willingly I will now be forbidden to you as your wife.


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