Covering the blood of the Chicken by Kaparos

Covering the blood of the Chicken by Kaparos:[1]

It is a Mitzvah for the Shochet to cover the blood of slaughtered fowl with earth or straw.[2] It is nevertheless permitted for the Shochet to honor the owner of the chicken to do so in his place.[3] Earth or straw is to be set up near the slaughtering area and the Shochet then drips some blood onto it.[4] Before covering the blood one says the blessing of “Al Kisoi Dam Beafar[5].”[6] After the Simanim of the chicken, and the knife, are checked and the chicken is verified as Kosher, one says the blessing and then covers the blood.[7] [If the Shochet does not check the knife beforehand, one is to cover the blood without a blessing, or leave it to the Shochet to check at the end of the Shechita, when he checks his knife.[8] In all cases, one should have in mind to not be Yotzei the blessing of another person saying it, or is to make an interval in between.[9]]


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