Blessing on coated peanuts

Coated peanuts:

Flour coated peanuts:[1] Coated peanuts are typically made through coating a peanut in a flour based dip and then baking them. One recites the blessing of Mezonos upon eating coated peanuts.[2]

Chocolate/caramel/honey coated peanuts:[3] Chocolate/honey/caramel coated peanuts receive the blessing of Hadama.[4]


[1] Vezos Habracha Beirurim 42 in name of Rav SZ”A; Pischeiy Halacha 7/41; Piskeiy Teshuvos 208/6; Luach of Rav Prus differentiates between if they are coated with a thick or thin layer, and case of the latter he states the blessing is Hadama. Vetzarcuh Iyun as it does not have the same dynamics as Schnitzel and hence even by a thin coating should be Mezonos, as it is placed there also for taste.  If however in truth it ios not placed for taste at all and simply for looks, then it would be Hadama.

[2] The reason: As all mixtures that contain a Mezonos ingredient for purposes of taste or satiation receive the blessing of Mezonos even if they are not the main ingredient. [Admur 208/1; Seder 3/2; Luach 4/2; Michaber 208/2; Brachos 36b] Now, certainly peanuts are coated for purposes of eating and tasting the coating and not just for the peanut.

[3] Piskeiy Teshuvos ibid footnote 54; Luach of Rav Prus

[4] The reason: As all mixtures that contain ingredients of two different blessings one follows the main ingredient. [Admur 208/1; Seder 3/1; Luach 4/1; Michaber 208/1; Mishneh Brachos 44a] Now, certainly peanuts are considered the main ingredient and not the coating.

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