From the Rav’s Desk: Saving the leftover wicks and oil of the Menorah for the burning of Chametz on Erev Pesach

Question: [Wednesday, 4th Teves, 5782]

I have heard that many people save the oil and wicks of the Chanukah Menorah for the burning of chametz by erev Pesach. Is this allowed to be done or must one burn it right away?



Although some are accustomed to save the leftover wicks and oil for burning on erev Pesach, in my opinion, one should not follow this custom and is to burn it right away, as is the simple understanding of the Poskim.

Explanation: It is a clear ruling in the Poskim that the leftover oil must be burned after Chanukah being that it is forbidden in benefit. The Poskim extend this ruling likewise to the leftover wicks. Accordingly, the wicks and oil should be burned right away, within 1-2 months, as is always the law regarding any item that it is forbidden in use that one may not own it for a long time, lest one come to forget and accidentally use it. Accordingly, the Poskim explicitly rule that it may not be saved to be used for the next Chanukah, due to this worry, and hence likewise the same would apply regarding saving it until Erev Pesach. Indeed, the custom of majority of Jewry is to follow this ruling and burn the leftover wicks and oil right away on Zos or Motzei Chanukah. Nonetheless, some are accustomed to save it until erev Pesach by the burning of the Chametz, seemingly based on the fact that usually all of the leftover oils are all past a half-hour, and therefore do not really have a requirement to be burned at all. Practically, however, in my opinion this should not be followed as aside for the fact that at times oil that is within a half-hour is leftover, the wicks themselves need to be burned, and hence need to be burned right away.

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