Entering pots into a Sukkah

Entering pots into a Sukkah:[1]

[It is permitted to enter pots and pans of food into a Sukkah.[2]] Nonetheless, once the meal has been completed, one is to remove the pots, pans, and plates from the Sukkah, being that after their use they are considered repulsive [and it is belittling to the Sukkah to have them remain]. [According to some opinions[3], leaving dirty pots and plates in a Sukkah can invalidate the Sukkah, and it is hence to be removed immediately after the meal is completed.[4] The above allowance to initially bring pots of food into a Sukkah is from the letter of the law, however, many Poskim[5] record that the custom is not to enter pots and pans of food into a Sukkah at all even for the purpose of serving the food, and rather the food is serving in a dish a tray.[6] However, if there are no plates available, and one needs to eat directly from the pot, then one may enter it into the Sukkah.[7]]



It is permitted from the letter of the law to enter pots of food into one’s Sukkah, although the custom is to avoid doing so. In all cases in which one is lenient, one is to be careful to remove the pots right away, as soon as the meal concludes.


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Other opinions: Some Poskim rule one may not enter pots into a Sukkah even for the purpose of serving food. [Opinion in Beis Yosef 639 in name of Mordechai, brought in Machatzis Hashekel 639; Birkeiy Yosef 639:2 in name of Rabbanei Izmor, brought in Shaareiy Teshuvah 639:3 and Kaf Hachaim 639:18; Merkeves Hamishneh Sukkah 6]

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Other opinions: Some Poskim completely negate the above opinion that states dirty plates can invalidate a Sukkah. [Bach 639]

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Other opinions: Some Poskim rule one may enter pots into a Sukkah for the purpose of serving food, and negate the ruling of the Poskim ibid. [Machatzis Hashekel 639; implication of Admur who omitted the ruling of the M”A ibid] Others suggest that the above ruling only applies to those who throughout the year never bring pots to the dining room table and only serve the food on plates. [P”M 639 A”a 3]

[6] The reason: As doing so is considered belittling to the Sukkah. [P”M ibid] Alternatively, it is because one is to live in the Sukkah as he does at home, and in one’s home, the pots are not brought to the table. [Machatzis Hashekel ibid]

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