Daily Tanya Monday, 6th Teves: Chapter 6-The definition of evil

(LY) 6th Teves

  • The definition of Evil thought and speech: Likewise, all speech and thought of the animal soul which do not contain a G-dly content and are not there for the purpose of serving G-d and fulfilling His will, are likewise defined as evil.
  • The definition of evil and the term Sitra Achra: The term Sitra Achra literally means “the other side.” The reason for this is because in truth evil is defined as anything which is not part of the side of holiness.
  1. The definition of holiness:
  • The side of holiness is defined merely as the side in which the holiness of G-d resides on.
  • G-d only resides on that which is nullified to Him in actuality or potential: Now, on what does G-d reside? G-d only resides on that which is nullified to Him. This applies whether the item or creation is consciously nullified to G-d, such as angels, or is only subconsciously and potentially nullified to G-d, such as the Jewish people down here in this world who always retain the potential of being actually nullified to G-d by giving up one’s life Al Kiddush Hashem.
  • G-d resides on the Jewish people: As a result of this subconscious and potential nullification towards G-d that the Jewish people contain, the Divine presence resides upon every single Jew who sits and learns Torah. Likewise, for this reason the Divine presence resides on any group of 10 Jews.
  • That which is not nullified does not receive its energy from internal holiness: Whatever is not nullified to G-d in actuality or potential, as stated above, and considers itself to be separate and independent from G-d, does not receive its vitality from G-d’s holiness in an internal manner, from G-d’s essence.
  1. How the Sitra Achra, and evil, is created and energized:
  • External side of holiness: Whatever is not nullified to G-d, as stated above, receives its vitality and energy from the external side of holiness.
  • The contracted holiness which is responsible for creation of evil: The way this works is as follows: The holiness of G-d descends from one level to another through a myriad of levels in the chain descent of the worlds, and goes through many contractions as it descends until its light and energy is so minute that it is able to be invested in a form of exile within the aspects of evil which consider themselves separate from G-d. This exiled form of contracted holiness is then responsible for energizing and giving existence to evil so that it does not return to its state of nonexistence as it was before creation.

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