Daily Chumash Thursday, Beshalach: The Mun

  • Chamishi
  1. The Travels of Bnei Yisrael:
  • Elim-Water and dates: They traveled to Elim and found there 12 springs of water and seventy date palm trees, and they encamped there.
  • They left Elim and traveled to the desert of Sin. This occurred on the 15th of the second month of leaving Egypt [i.e. Iyar].


  1. The Heavenly bread-The Mun:
  • Bnei Yisrael complain in hunger: The entire Jewish people complained against Moshe and Aaron, saying if only they would have died in the hands of G-d in Egypt, while enjoying pots of meat, and bread to satiation, than to die in the desert in starvation. They accused Moshe of taking them out of Egypt to make everyone die of hunger.
  • Hashem promises Mun: Hashem responded to Moshe saying that he will rain bread from heaven, and the nation will gather bread each day for that day, and I will test them to see if they follow my laws. On Friday they will receive a double portion.
  • Moshe informs the nation: Moshe and Aaron responded to the Jewish people that in the evening they will be given meat and see that Hashem took them out of Egypt, and in the morning they will be given bread and see the glory of G-d who has heard their complaint. “What are we that you complain against us, it is against G-d you should complain.”


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