Daily Chumash Sunday Korach – Korach and his men confront Moshe and Aaron

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  1. Korach and his men confront Moshe and Aaron:
  • Korach, the son of Yitzhar, the son of Kehos, the son of Levi, took with him Dasan, Aviram and On Ben Peles from the tribe of Reuvein and confronted Moshe. They came with a group of 250 leaders of the Jewish people who joined their fight against Moshe. The group confronted Moshe and Aaron with the claim that they made themselves the elite of the Jewish people when in truth all the Jewish people are holy.


  1. Moshe’s response:
  • Moshe heard and fell on his face in reaction of their complaint.
  • The offering of Ketores and Hashem choosing the leader: Moshe replied to Korach that by morning Hashem will relate to everyone who in truth is meant to be the leaders of the Jewish people. This will be accomplished by having all the contenders, who desire to be leaders, offer Ketores onto the altar and whoever Hashem chooses, he will be the holy one. Each man is to take a pan filled with fire and Ketores and offer it before Hashem tomorrow.
  • Moshe admonishes the Levites: Moshe reproached the tribe of Levi telling them that they should be satisfied with the fact that they were chosen by Hashem to be the representatives of the Jewish people to serve Hashem in the Mishkan. “It is not right that you now step forward and demand to also become Kohanim. Why do you complain against Aaron, what is he that you should protest against him?”
  • Moshe summons Dasan and Aviram: Moshe summoned Dasan and Aviram, the accomplices of Korach, to speak with them but they refused to come. They replied, “Moshe took them out of a land of milk and honey to die in the desert and he has no right to rule over us.”

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