Daily Chumash Friday, Shemos: Moshe journeys back to Egypt



  1. Moshe journeys back to Egypt:
  • Moshe returned to Yeser his father in-law and asked him to allow him to go back to Egypt and visit his brethren. Yisro replied that he can go in peace. Hashem appeared to Moshe and told him to return to Egypt as all the men who seek to kill him have died.
  • Moshe took his wife and sons and mounted them on the donkey and returned to Egypt. Moshe took the staff with him.
  • Moshe’s job in Egypt and his message to Pharaoh: Hashem told Moshe that when he returns to Egypt he should perform the miracles before Pharaoh, although I will strengthen his heart and he will not let the nation go. You are to tell Pharaoh: So says Hashem, my firstborn son is the Jewish people, send my son out so he can serve Me, and if you refuse to send him I will kill your first-born son.

  1. Moshe’s son is circumcised:
  • During the journey, while in the inn, Hashem met Moshe and desired to kill him [through an angel]. Tziporah took a sharp stone and circumcised the foreskin of her son. She threw it at Moshe’s feet and exclaimed “You are to me a murderer of my husband.” The [angel] then loosened his grip on Moshe.


  1. Moshe meets Aaron in the desert:
  • Hashem appeared to Aaron and told him to go greet Moshe in the desert and he went and met Moshe by the mountain of G-d and kissed him there. Moshe told Aaron all that Hashem spoke to him, and that he had sent him on a mission, and of all the miracles he had commanded him to perform.


  1. Moshe and Aaron gather the elders and show the signs to the Jewish people:
  • Moshe and Aaron [arrived and] gathered all the elders of the Jewish people. Aaron spoke all the words that Moshe was told and he performed the miracles in front of the nation. The nation believed them, that Hashem had remembered the Jewish people and saw their affliction. The nation bowed their heads and prostrated.

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