Borrowing a Sefer from a Shul

Borrowing a Shul’s Sefer:[1]

An old edict that was founded in ancient congregations is that one may not remove a Tallis or Sefer from the Shul without asking permission from the owners. [This applies even if one can assume that the owner is not particular, nevertheless one must ask permission. The same would apply towards removing Shul Sefarim, from the premises that one must ask permission from the Gabaim, even if one can assume that they do not mind.[2] One who removes Sefarim without permission is stealing from the Shul and from the public and causes Bittul Torah.[3]]


[1] Rama C.M 163:6; Machatzis Hashekel 14/10; Chesed Lealafim 14/5; Shalmei Tzibur p. 34; Kaf Hachaim 14/32; Minchas Yitzchak 7/130

[2] See however Chesed Lealafim ibid, brought in Kaf Hachaim ibid, that the people who donate the Sefarim to the Shul library do so with intent that the Sefer remains in the Shul. This would imply that even the Gabaiy cannot give permission. Vetzaruch Iyun

[3] Minchas Yitzchak ibid

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