Women are exempt from wearing Tefillin.[2] Furthermore, they are to be protested against doing so.[3]

[1] 38/3; Michaber 38/3; Mishneh Brachos 20

[2] The reason: As Tefillin is a time dependent positive command [Admur ibid; Michaber ibid], as Shabbos and Yom Tov is not a time for Tefillin. [Admur ibid; Taz 38/1] However nighttime is a time that one is Biblically obligated in Tefillin. [Levushei Serud ibid]

According to Kabala: According to Kabala the Mitzvah of Tefillin only applies to men, while women are not relevant to this Mitzvah. [Arizal brought in Shaar Hakavanos 5; Kaf Hachaim 38/8]

[3] Admur ibid; Rama 38/3; Maharam; Kol Bo 21; Birkei Yosef 38/1

The reason: If women decide to be stringent upon themselves to wear Tefillin they are to be protested [despite the fact that they may do Mitzvos that they are exempt from] being that they do not know to guard their bodies in the cleanliness [required for Tefillin]. [Admur ibid; Taz 38/2; M”A 38/3; See Olas Tamid 38/4; Tehila Ledavid 38/1]

Other opinions-Biblical prohibition: Some Poskim rule that it is Biblically forbidden for women to wear Tefillin due to the prohibition of Lo Silbash. [Beis Hillel 182/2; Targum Yonason Seitzei; Kaf Hachaim 38/9]

Michal Bas Shaul: Michal the daughter of Shaul wore Tefillin without protest. [Eiruvin 96] ] Some suggest this was due to that Michal knew that she had soul of a male, as we see from the fact she could not have any children, and hence based on Kabala the Mitzvah of Tefillin was relevant to her. [Yifei Lalev 38/2; Shomer Emuinim Ki Seitzei; Kaf Hachaim 38/9]

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