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Having a Mechitza in a Shul- Part 1

Post Views: 96 Shop Now *As an Amazon Associate I earn from  qualifying purchases. WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Telegram Sign up for Daily Distribution Sponsor an Episode Donate B. In a Shul:[1] It is a Biblical[2] requirement for a Shul to have a Kosher Mechitza set up between the men’s and

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Privacy when relieving oneself in a bathroom – Being alone

Post Views: 165 Check out our Amazon Sefarim Shop * This article is an excerpt from the above book WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Sponsor an Article Donate Privacy when relieving oneself in a bathroom – Being alone:[1] Two people are not to enter into the bathroom together [as doing so

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Daily Tanach Sunday Shmuel 2 Chapter 13: Amnon and Tamar

Post Views: 51 Buy Now-The Tanach Summary Series * The article below is an excerpt from the above Sefer WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Email Sign up for Daily link via Whatsapp Sponsor an Episode Chapter 13: Amnon and Tamar[1] 1.      Tamar the sister of Avshalom, and Amnon’s infatuation for her:

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