Learning Torah on Chol Hamoed

Chol Hamoed checklist:

  • Drink Revius of wine
  • Eat meal with bread by both night and day
  • 6 Zechiros
  • Eat and drink delicacies and do other forms of Simcha.
  • Many are accustomed to gather and vist Jerusalem like Aliyah Leregel by the Holidays.

Chapter 1: Melacha on Chol Hamoed

1. The purpose of Chol Hamoed:

  • Torah learning: The entire purpose of Chol Hamoed is for the sake of the Jewish people dedicating themselves towards Torah learning. Throughout the year we are involved in mundane work in efforts to sustain our family and contribute to society. The week of Chol Hamoed was given for the sake of taking a vacation from all the above activities and for a Jew to focus on his relationship with G-d in Torah study.
    • Women: This obligation applies to both men and women.
    • Day and night: This obligtation to learn Torah applies by both day and night.
    • Years that the first day of Yom Tov falls on Shabbos: In years that Yom Tov falls on Shabbos and there is hence no Shabbos in-between the days of Chol Hamoed, one is especially obligated to spend his time learning Torah. The full week of Chol Hamoed weekdays is there for this purpose.
    • Chol Hamoed trips: From the above its understood that one should not use up his entire Chol Hamoed with going on field trips, sightseeing, and other outdoor activities which remove one from his true purpose of Torah study during this time. [Nonetheless, those with children at home may designate a day or two for an outing, emphasizing that the main purpose of Chol Hamoed is not the trips but rather the Torah study. There is no greater example that a father can set for his children who are now home from school, than to sit at home and study Torah. Some are accustomed due to the above reason, to take their children on the various outings prior to, or post, Chol Hamoed, and use the entire time of Chol Hamoed for Torah learning, as intended.]

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