Kesiva Vechasima Tova

Wishing each other a sweet new year:[1]

We begin to wish each other a “Kesiva Vachasima Tovah”[2]  starting from Rosh Chodesh Elul. [Some[3] are accustomed to begin doing so from the 15th of Menachem Av.]



Sparks of Chassidus

The blessing affects oneself and the person being blessed:[4]

The reason of blessing each other is because the words of a Jew have power and affect. One can actually change another Jew’s future through a kind blessing. When one blesses another Jew this adds to the blessing of Hashem to every single Jew in Klal Yisrael in both physical and spiritual matters.



[1] Maharil brought in Beir Heiytiv 581/10; Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 128/2; Kaf Hachaim 581/18; Regarding wishing each other a good year orally see Hisvadyos 1988 Vol. 4 p. 209

[2] “You shall be written in and sealed for a good year”. This is hinted to in the words “Vayishalu Ish Lireieihu Leshalom” which is also an acronym for Elul [Lekutei Mahrich]

[3] Custom to begin from the 15th of Av: The Shaar Yisacher and Darkei Chaim Veshalom [684; Munkatch] write that one is to begin wishing each other Leshana Tova starting from the 15th of Av. The Rebbe states that it is a Minhag Yisrael to do so. [Hisvadyos 1991 Vol. 4 p. 179; printed in Shulchan Menachem 3/72] The Gematria of “Chamisha Asar Beav” is the same as “Kesiva Vechasima Tova”. [Darkei Chaim Veshalom ibid; Hisvadyus ibid] This is also hinted to in the acronym for the Mazal of Menachem Av which is “Aryeh” and stands for Elul; R”H; Yom Kippur; Hoshanah Raba, as in the month of Av is hinted to the completion of the Piska Tova of Hoshanah Raba. [Rebbe ibid] This blessing is found in letters of the Rebbe Rayatz and Rebbe written in the month of Menachem Av. [Otzer p. 11-13]

[4] Sichas 1st Elul 1988

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