Hugging a married child-Parents, Grandparents hugging and kissing adult children and grandchildren of the opposite gender

Parents, Grandparents hugging and kissing adult children and grandchildren of the opposite gender:[1]

Kissing and hugging is permitted between parents and children even if they are of the opposite gender [and even if the children are now adults[2]]. Thus, a mother may hug and kiss her son [of any age] and a father may hug and kiss his daughter [of any age]. [See Q&A regarding if she is married!] Kissing and hugging is likewise permitted between grandparents and grandchildren of the opposite gender.[3]

May a parent/grandparent hug a married daughter/granddaughter?

Some Poskim[4] rule it is permitted for a father or grandfather to hug and kiss his daughter/granddaughter even if she is married. Other Poskim[5] however rule it is forbidden for them to kiss or hug a married daughter/granddaughter. Practically, it is permitted to do so[6], although one who desires to be stringent upon himself is blessed.[7]

Relatives showing affection in public:[8]

It is permitted for a father/mother/grandfather/grandmother to engage in non-affectionate touch with their daughter/son/granddaughter/grandson even in public. [It is possible to learn in the Poskim that it is however forbidden for them to engage in affectionate touch in public, such as hugging and kissing.[9] On the other hand, one can argue that affectionate touch between such close relatives does not lead others to any immoral thoughts.[10] Practically, since in most situations it is not obvious to others that the two are father/daughter etc one is to be stringent, and so rule some Rabbanim of today.[11] However for a parent/grandparent to hug their young child in public is certainly permitted.[12]]


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[12] Pashut, as people do not view this erotically.

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