Women saying Birchas Hatorah

Are women obligated to recite Birchas Hatorah?[1]

Women are obligated[2] to recite Birchas Hatorah.[3]

[1] 47/10; Michaber 47/14 in name of Igur; M”A 47/14; See Biur Halacha 47/14 “Nashim”; Likutei Sichos 14 p.48

[2] Is this an obligation or a voluntary matter? The Levush 47/14 writes that women are obligated to recite Birchas Hatorah and so is evident from Peri Megadim 47 M”Z 1. This term “obligated” is not mentioned in the Michaber or Shulchan Aruch Admur. They simply write that women are to say the blessing. From some Poskim it seems they learn that this is not an obligation but a mere voluntary matter. See Gr”a 47/14; Piskeiy Teshuvos 4718; Chikreiy Lev 10; Yosef Ometz 67; Birkeiy Yosef 47/7; Minchas Chinuch 430; Nemukei Orach Chaim 47; Aruch Hashulchan 47/25; Tehila Ledavid 47/9. The Birkeiy Yosef ibid [brought in Shaareiy Teshuvah 47/1] writes that women are not Biblically obligated to recite Birchas Hatorah even according to the Peri Chadash and others that hold Birchas Hatorah is Biblical.

[3] The Reason: As [although they do not have the general Torah learning obligation as do men, nevertheless] they are obligated to learn the details of the laws which they are obligated in. This includes the details of the positive commands they are commanded to follow, and the details of the negative commands that they may not transgress, just like men. Likewise they are obligated to pray just like men. (Furthermore, Birchas Hatorah is recited prior to Parshas Hatamid, and women are obligated to recite the Tamid just like men, as prayer was established in place of the Tamid.) [ibid] This reason of Admur is based on Levush 47/14. Regarding why the obligation of woman to pray should be a reason to obligate them to recite Birchas Hatorah, from the Levush it seems the reason is because women are obligated to recite all the versus and teachings of the Karbanos that are found in prayer, and hence they must say the blessing. However from Admur it seems that the saying of the Karbanos is an additional reason to the fact they are obligated in prayer. Perhaps then the explanation is as follows: Regarding the first blessing of Asher Kidishanu which is said on the Mitzvah of learning Torah, women are obligated to say it because they must know the details of the Mitzvos. Furthermore they are to say also the second and third blessing which are said as praise to Hashem [similar to prayer] as also women are obligated in prayer. Vetzaruch Iyun. [See Piskeiy Teshuvos 47 footnote 163 in name of Griz Halevi for a similar explanation].

Other reasons mentioned in Poskim: The Gr”a rules that the reason why women are to say Birchas Hatorah is because they are allowed to say a blessing over all Mitzvos that they are exempt from due to it being dependent on time. [brought in Biur Halacha ibid]

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