Who may build

Who may build the Sukkah?[1]

Should one personally build the Sukkah versus having someone else do so for him?[2]

It is proper for one to personally place the Sechach onto the Sukkah [and help build the walls[3]] rather than have another person do so for him.[4] [The Rabbeim were not particular to personally build their Sukkah[5], although it is recalled that the Rebbe was particular to always place some Sechach onto his Sukkah. It is told that Reb Hillel Paritcher was particular to help build the walls of the Sukkah. The Noam Elimelech[6] explains that one is to personally toil to build the Sukkah in order to sanctify his limbs.]


May women or children build the Sukkah?

Walls: According to all women and children may help build the walls of the Sukkah.[7]

Sechach: Some Poskim[8] rule that women and children are not initially to place the Sechach on the Sukkah, and so seems to be the opinion of Admur.[9] If they already did so the Sukkah is Kosher.[10]


May a gentile build the Sukkah?

Walls: A gentile may help build the walls of the Sukkah.[11]  However some write a gentile should not build even the walls of the Sukkah.[12]

Sechach: A gentile is not initially to place the Sechach on the Sukkah.[13]  If he already did so the Sukkah is Kosher.[14]

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