The reign of Yehoachaz

Melachim 2/Kings 2-Chapter 23

1.      The reign of Yehoachaz

  • His age at the time of his reign: Yehoachaz was twenty-three years old when he became king.
  • His time of reign: Yehoachaz reigned in Jerusalem for [only] three months.
  • His mothers name: His mother’s name was Chamutal the daughter of Yeremiah from the city of Livnah.
  • His deeds: Yehoachaz performed evil in the eyes of Hashem, as his ancestors had done.
  • His capture by Pharaoh-Necho: Pharaoh-Necho imprisoned Yehoachaz in Rivlah in the land of Chamas, to prevent him from reigning in Jerusalem [as his older brother Eliakim should have reigned in his father’s stead].
  • Pharaoh-Necho imposes a fine: Pharaoh-Necho imposed a fine on the land consisting of one hundred talents of silver and a talent of gold.
  • Pharaoh-Necho crowns Eliakim-Yehoyakim as king: Pharaoh-Necho crowned Eliakim the son of Yoshiyahu as king instead of his father Yoshiyahu, and he changed his name to Yehoyakim.
  • Yehoachaz dies in Egypt: Pharaoh-Necho brought Yehoachaz to Egypt and he died there.
  • The moneys of the land are given to Pharaoh-Necho: Yehoyakim gave the silver and gold to Pharaoh, according to Pharaoh’s orders. Every person had to give money in accordance to his wealth.

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