The greatness of the month of Nissan

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Greatness of the month

Is one to increase in Simcha in the month of Nissan?

Rashi[1] explains the reason for the increasing in joy in the month of Adar is due to the miracles that occurred on Purim and Pesach. Some Poskim[2] rule based on this, that one is to increase in joy also in the month of Nissan. Others[3], however, explain that Rashi does not intend to novelize a new law of increasing in joy in Nissan, but rather is explaining why the month of Adar is meritorious.


Uniqueness of Nissan:[4]

The month of Nissan is one of a miraculous nature. It is an auspicious time for one to be able to accomplish spiritually that which to him seems a distance away.


Every day of the month is like Rosh Chodesh:[5]

Every day of the month of Nissan is like Rosh Chodesh. Just like Rosh Chodesh is not a day of work and is a slight holiday, so too the entire month of Nissan.

The Ten Crowns of Nissan:[6]

The day of Rosh Chodesh Nissan in the year that the Mishkan was established merited to receive ten crowns [i.e. monumental occurrences]:

  1. First day of creation [which was on Sunday, and in that year Rosh Chodesh Nissan fell on Sunday].
  2. First day that the Nesi’im brought their Karbanos.
  3. First day of priesthood.
  4. First day of Karbanos.
  5. First day of the fire coming onto the altar.
  6. First day of eating the Karbanos within the Mishkan.
  7. First day of the residing of the Shechina
  8. First day of Birchas Kohanim.
  9. First day of the Bamos prohibition.
  10. First month.

Redemption in Nissan:

The Sages[7] state that the redemption will come in the month of Nissan. The future resurrection is set to take place during the month of Nissan.[8]


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[3] Shieilas Yaavetz 2:88; Likkutei Sichos 16 p. 344; The Rebbe [Likkutei Sichos 16:345] explains Rashi to mean that the entire month is a meritorious month for the Jewish people due to the fact that Moshe Rabbeinu was born on this month, and it is due to his merit that we merited the miracles of Purim and Pesach. This is why Rashi also mentioned Pesach in his explanation. Shieilas Yaavetz 2:88 explains the reason for mentioning Pesach is because this shows that the miracles continued for two months and hence we increase in joy in Adar and not Chanukah, as by Chanukah the miracles were for only one month.

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