The difference between the service of man versus angels

The difference between the service of man versus angels:[1] The angels are referred to as animals, both wild [Chayos] and domestic, as the verse states “Upnei Aryeh El Hayamin, Upnei Shur Mihasmol.” The reason for this is because the angles do not have freedom of choice, and their love and fear is naturally born with them as written in the Raya Mihemna Parshas Pinchas. It is for this reason that the Tzadikim reach higher levels than the angels, as is seen from the fact that the abode of the Tzadikim in the upper world is in the world of Beriya, while the angels dwell in the world of Yetzira. *This, however, only refers to the regular angels called Chayos Tiviyim. However, there do exist angles called Chayos Sichliyim which reside in the world of Beriya, as their Avoda is to serve Hasehm with intellectual love and fear. [To properly understand why the Tzadikim dwell in Beria while the angels in Yetzira, we must first introduce the difference between the two worlds.]

[1] Tanya Chapter 39

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