Aaron Hakohen-His spiritual purpose, root, and function

Aaron Hakohen:

Aaron was the brother of Moshe and was appointed as the high priest.


  1. The root level of Ahron Hakohen:[1]

Aron’s ability to bless the Jewish people is a result of his soul root in Rav Chesed. Rav Chesed is a level of Divine kindness which is above Atzilus and gives unlimited blessing. From the level of Rav Chesed, all people are fit to receive kindness, even if in truth they are tainted with sin or evil.

  1. A Shepard of Israel-draws swift blessing to Israel:[2]

Ahron is referred to as one of the 7 shepherds, as he would draw down revelation of G-dliness to the Jewish souls of Israel, just as a shepherd cares and gives to its flock. Aaron had the ability to draw down the G-dly revelation swiftly and quickly without it getting held back during its descent into the worlds. In the words of Kabala and Chassidus: Divine light is found in Malchus of Atzilus. This Divine light is abstract, sublime and yet void of any physical connotations. For this Divine light to become the source of physical blessing it must descend all 4 worlds. This descent however is not easy. It comes with a new judgment by each world whether the person is worthy to have the Divine one who does light descend there. Aaron’s blessing has the ability to affect a quick descent of the Divine light, bypassing the judgment of the worlds. The reason Aron has this ability is because he is rooted in Rav Chesed, a great level of kindness which is above Atzilus and gives blessing in an unlimited basis. To the level of Rav Chesed all are fit to receive even if in truth they are tainted with sin or evil.

Draws fiery love of G-d:[3] Ahron was considered the Kohen Gadol which is also called the Kahana Raba. This represents the level of Ahava Raba. He draw down this level of love to the Jewish people, to Neshamos Yisrael.

Connects worlds:[4] Ahron is called the Shushvina Dematranisa [the escort of the queen]. This refers to Ahron abilities to connect the worlds to Or Ein Sof. This was accomplished through his Avoda of Karbanos and Ketores.

Eats the Karbanos: It was the job of Ahron and the Kohanim to consume the Karbanos of the Jewish people. This would cause atonement for the Jewish people. Ahron would affect the Birur, refinement, of the food and elevate its sparks.

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