The custom of nailing a nail into the ground at the end of Shiva

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The Chabad custom is to use a stone which is not a vessel [i.e. a plain stone from outside] to hammer a nail into the floor where the Avel sat during Shiva. It is to nailed in by another person not the Avel and is to be done under the sitting area of every mourner.  When the last day of Shiva falls on Shabbos, this is performed on Motzei Shabbos.  Practically, the best way of doing this is to position the nail in-between the tiles and then bang it in with the stone.

Sefer Haminhagim p. 178 [English]; See Reshimos 5 [printed in Toras Menachem Tziyon p. 29; Nitei Gavriel 136:12

Rabbi Leibel Groner in a written correspondence that so instructed the Rebbe; In his words: “The nail is placed not by the Avel but someone else. The Rebbe instructed that a nail should be placed under each seat where an Avel sat.”; See Reshimos Hayoman p.  414 that the Rebbe Rayatz did not hammer the nail into the area of the floor but another person did it for him.

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