The Sukkah furniture-Table in Sukkah

10. The Sukkah furniture-Table in Sukkah:[1]

One may not eat in a Sukkah with the table outside the Sukkah. This applies even if the Sukkah is very large. One who does so is considered as if he ate outside the Sukkah.[2]



May part of the table be inside the house?[3]

Some Poskim[4] rule that if at least a Tefach of the table is inside the Sukkah then it is valid. Other Poskim[5], however, require that majority of the table be inside the Sukkah.

May one position the table under invalid Sechach that is within the Sukkah?[6]

One is not to do so, although if the Sechach is only Rabbinically invalid then one fulfills his obligation Bedieved.


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[2] The reason: As we suspect one may come after his food which is on the table and end up eating outside the Sukkah. [Michaber ibid]

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