Removing food from on top of pot and placing on Blech on Shabbos

If on Erev Shabbos one placed a pot on top of another pot, may he later on Shabbos place the upper pot on the blech or electric plate?[1]

According to all, if when one removed the upper pot from the flame and placed it onto the lower pot on Erev Shabbos he had fulfilled all the Chazara conditions [intention, did not let go in between] then he may place it directly on the blech on Shabbos. If the conditions of Chazara were not fulfilled, then there is a dispute amongst Poskim as to the ruling.[2] Practically in a time of need for Oneg Shabbos one may be lenient to place it on the blech. Although it is best to place the pot on top of an upside-down pot or plate, rather than directly on the blech or electric plate.

[1]  Shabbos Kehalacha Vol. 1 pages 418

[2] The Sheivet Haleivi and Shemiras Shabbos Kihilchasa both rule that it is forbidden to do so as the upper pot is not considered to have been on a fire when Shabbos began and thus it is considered as if he is initially placing it on the fire on Shabbos. However other Poskim allow this.

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