Rebbe and student bathing together


Student and teacher bathing together:[1]

It is forbidden for a student to bathe together with his Rebbe. If however he arrived to the bathhouse before his Rebbe then he is not required to leave.[2] Likewise, if his Rebbe needs the students help in the bathhouse, he is not required to leave.[3] Likewise, the above prohibition only applies in an area that it is accustomed to bathe unclothed. If however they wear bathing suits, then it is permitted to bathe together.[4]



From the letter of the law it is forbidden to bathe together with your father, father in-law, step-father, brother in-law and some add even with your brother. Practically, the widespread custom today is to be lenient in all the above.


May a father bathe with his young son?

It is questionable whether the above prohibition applies towards a young son.[5] [Practically, the custom is to be lenient, as stated above.]


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