Putting Tzitzis on where one may not say the Blessing

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Putting on the Tzitzis in an area where one may not say the blessing?

Initially, one is to wear the Tzitzis in an area where the blessing can be said. [1] If however a person is in a situation in which he cannot say the blessing [such as in the bathroom or Mikveh, or prior to the time of Tzitzis[2]], then he may wear the Tzitzis without a blessing, and later recite a blessing, as explained in the next Halacha.[3]

Woke up without Tzitzis:[4] If a person went to sleep without Tzitzis, or the Tzitzis fell off during the night, and his hands are impure [being that he does not have water near his bed to wash his hands], then if he desires to wear the Tzitzis as soon as he awakens in order not to walk 4 Amos without Tzitzis, then he may put it on immediately upon awakening without a blessing and then say the blessing [in the method explained next] after he washes his hands. [If however one has water near his bed, then he is to first wash his hands and then wear the Tzitzis with a blessing, if he does not have to use the bathroom.[5] If he has to use the bathroom, then he is not to recite a blessing on the Tallis Katan at the time of initial wearing until after he relieves himself.[6]]

[1] Pashut as one must always say a blessing before the Mitzvah, and so is implied from Admur 18/20 that the allowance is only when one is unable to wear the Tallis in an area that the blessing can be said, and so writes Piskeiy Teshuvos 21 footnote 189

[2] See cases brought in Admur of next footnote

[3] Admur 18/7 and 8/20 and 29; Michaber 8/10

[4] 8/20; Michaber 8/10; Rabbeinu Yonah in Sefer Hayirah

[5] So is implied from Admur ibid and so rules Rabbeinu Yonah ibid; Elya Raba 8/11; Kaf Hachaim 8/40 

The reason: If he has water near his bed, he is not to wear the Tallis prior to washing his hands near his bed as one may not touch clothing prior to washing hands.

[6] So rules Admur in 6/1 and Siddur regarding the blessing of Netilas Yadayim and the same delay would apply to the blessing over Tzitzis.



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