Practical checklist of Kiddush Levana

This Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer

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  • The details of each Halacha listed in this summary is explained below in its proper section. Look there for further details.
  • Every month on Motzei Shabbos between the seventh and 15th night from the Molad one recites Kiddush Levana with a Minyan, while wearing his Shabbos clothing.
  • It is said outside under the sky.
  • One recites the Nusach printed in the Siddur.
  • One says it standing, with his feet together, facing towards Jerusalem.
  • One looks at the moon prior to beginning the blessing of Baruch Ata Hashem and then looks down and recites the blessing. One does not look at the moon any longer during Kiddush Levana.
  • One rises up on his toes three times when reciting the paragraph of “Baruch Oseich”. This paragraph is recited three times.
  • One then says Shalom Aleichem three times to a friend. The friend responds Aleichem Shalom.
  • One finishes the Nusach printed in the Siddur and then recites Aleinu.
  • After Aleinu Kaddish Yasom is recited.
  • After Kaddish Yasom one is to shake the corners of his Tallis.

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