Placing plants and trees in the Shul and in one’s home on Shavuos

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Placing plants and trees in the Shul and in one’s home:[1]

It is customary to spread plants[2] and stand trees[3] in Shul and in one’s house in honor of Shavuos. [However, some Poskim[4] abolished this custom due to it being simialr to the gentiles.[5] Other Poskim[6] defend its practice. Practically, while some are no longer accustomed to place plants and trees in the Shul or home for Shavuos, many are accustomed to do so[7], and each person is to follow the custom of his community.[8]]

Setting it up on Yom Tov:[9] It is permitted to spread the predesignated plants [in one’s home or shul] even on Yom Tov, even if the plants are not edible.[10]

Setting it up on Shabbos Erev Shavuos:[11] When Shavuos falls on Motzei Shabbos, one may not set up the plants on Shabbos.[12]

See Supplement at the end of Sefer for the detailed laws relating to plants and flowers on Shabbos and Yom Tov!


May one cut the branch of a fruit tree for decoration on Shavuos?[13]
It is forbidden to destroy a fruit bearing tree due to the Biblical prohibition of Baal Tashchis, as well as due to danger.[14] Accordingly, some Poskim[15] rule it is forbidden to break a branch off from a fruit bearing tree [without one of the above-mentioned justifiable reasons]. Other[16] Poskim however rule it is permitted to be done [in all cases].[17] Other Poskim[18] are lenient for the sake of a Mitzvah. Practically, one may be lenient for the sake of a Mitzvah through asking a gentile to cut it off.[19] [Thus, if one needs to cut branches for Sechach, ideally one should cut the branches of a non-fruit bearing tree. If this is not available, then he is to ask a gentile to cut the branches.]


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The reason: Plants are spread in remembrance of the joy of Matan Torah. [Admur ibid; Rama ibid]

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The reason: As on Shavuos the fruits of the trees are judged and we thus place them in Shul and in our homes in order to remember to pray for their good judgment. [494/15]

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[8] Chabad custom: It is not the custom in 770 and many other Chabad Shuls to place trees and plants in the Shul. Nevertheless, in the Shul of the Rebbe’s father in Yakaterinoslav the custom was followed to place trees and plants [Otzer Minhagei Chabad p. 293]

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[12] The reason: Although the plants are not Muktzah and hence may be moved nevertheless one may not spread them on Shabbos, as when one spreads them on Shabbos for the sake of Yom Tov he is preparing on Shabbos for Yom Tov, and it is forbidden to preapare anything from Shabbos to Yom Tov, even a matter that does not contain any nuance of a Melacha, as explained in 503/3 [and 455/11]. [Admur ibid; M”A ibid]

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