Pesakim of Rabbanim regarding Covid vaccine-Subject to periodical update

As a service to our readers who may feel swamped by all of the news and social media material surrounding the Covid vaccine we have set up this page. On this page we will IYH embed the rulings of Poskim and leading Rabbanim regarding the Covid vaccine as their Pesakim become published. [As of today the 2nd of Teves, very few Pesakim have been publicized by the leading Poskim and Rabbanim, seemingly being too premature for a decision at this time.]

To note, that every community should follow the ruling of their Mara Deasra, and those Chabad Chassidim living in Israel are to follow the ruling of the Chabad Beis Din of Eretz Hakodesh which was established by the Rebbe for this purpose, to give direction to Chabad Chassidim living in Israel. [They have yet to issue a Pesak as of today the 2nd of Teves, and have informed us that they dealing with formulating a Pesak on the issue.]

We will only post signed Pesakim of Rabbanim regarding the vaccine [not article links, especially if they only contain oral testimonies of their opinion] and only by those Rabbonim who are actual Poskim and Morei Hora’s, as opposed to pulpit rabbis or Maggidim. If you have a signed Pesak and would like it to feature here, please forward it to us.

Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky discredits a Pakishvile lying in his name claiming that he is against the Covid Vaccine [let this be a reminder for that all letters which say say things in the name of Rabbanim and Poskim should only be trusted if the Rabbanim themselves are signed on it, and one should never trust anonymous letters publicized by interest filled individuals who honesty and integrity is not on the top of their agendas, and they’re willing to do everything and anything possible to win people over to the way they think, including forging material.]

Bottom-line Pesak: “from all the above it is clear that every single person should try to receive the vaccine both him and his entire family””

Bottom-line Pesak: “therefore every single person should get the vaccine according to the directives of the doctors without any delay and with this he will prevent danger from himself and from others””

Rav Meir Ashkenazi, Rav of Kefar Chabad “My opinion is that it is proper to take the vaccination and someone who is in a risk group should do so as soon as possible “

The Chabad Beis Din: “practically each and every member of Anash should advise with his Dr. if in accordance to his medical condition he should currently take the vaccine”

Rabbi Yurkowitz: “I’m coming here to encourage the congregants of Lud Chabad community to follow the directives of the doctors and take the vaccine… I myself will personally listen to the directives of the doctors and take the vaccine”

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