Parshas Vayeitzei Parsha Bee for kids and adults-Q&A on the Parsha for the Shabbos table

Parshas Vayeitzei

Pesukim: 148

Haftorah: Hosheia 11:7-12:14


Number of Mitzvos:

There are no Positive or Negative commands mentioned in Parshas Toldos.


Yaakov travels to Charan

  1. From which city did Yaakov travel?
  2. To which city did Yaakov travel?
  3. Why did Yaakov stop to sleep in the midst of traveling?
  4. In which area did Yaakov sleep at night during his travel on his way to Charan
  5. What does the word Vayifgah mean?
  6. Which prayer did Yaakov establish?
  7. What miracle occurred to enforce Yaakov to spend the night in Har Hamoriyah?
  8. Who was going up and down the ladder of Yaakov’s dream?
  9. Which famous words from one of the 12 Pesukim that the Lubavitcher Rebbe encouraged every child to know is mentioned in this week’s Parsha?
  10. According to G-d in this weeks Parsha, who is called the father of Yaakov?
  11. What famous song comes from this week’s Parsha?
  12. Who visited Yaakov in his dream?
  13. What great things did Yaakov say about the area in which he slept?
  14. How many times did Yaakov wake up from sleep?
  15. What did Yaakov use as a pillow to sleep on?
  16. What miracle happened to the rocks?
  17. What did Yaakov do with the rocks that he slept on the next morning?
  18. Who got oil poured over his head in this week’s Parsha?
  19. How many names does the place where Yaakov slept have, and what are they?
  20. What did Yaakov ask Hashem to give him?
  21. What did Yaakov promise to do if he returned home safely?
  22. What did Yaakov take and carry with him when he left the area that he slept in?
  23. Which famous grape juice company is mentioned in this week’s Parsha?

Yaakov arrives to Charan

  1. How many shepherds did Yaakov see when he arrived by the well that was covered with the rock?
  2. What were the shepherds waiting for when they were lying around the well?
  3. Why did the shepherds place a heavy rock over the well if they could’ve just left it open, or covered it with a lighter covering so everyone can take off when they need?
  4. What was Rachel’s occupation prior to Yaakov’s arrival?
  5. Why did Yaakov cry after he kissed Rachel?
  6. Who is a Elifaz and what did he do to Yaakov?
  7. According to the simple understanding of the verse, who did Yaakov tell Rachel that he was?
  8. How do we know that Yaakov was not such a simpleton?
  9. What happened to Rachel’s mother and from where do we know this?
  10. How did Lavan greet Yaakov?
  11. How long did Yaakov work for free for his uncle?
  12. Who was older, Leah or Rachel?
  13. Who had weak eyes, and why?
  14. How many years total did Yaakov work to get Rachel?
  15. What was the name of the maidservant that Leah was given when she married Yaakov?
  16. How long after the marriage to Leah did Yaakov marry Rachel?
  17. What was the name of the maidservant that Rachel was given when she married Yaakov?
  18. Who named Reuvein his name, Yaakov or Leah?
  19. Why was he named Reuvein?
  20. Why was he named Shimon?
  21. Why was he named Levi?
  22. Who named Levi his name?
  23. Why was he named Yehuda?
  24. Why did Leah feel the need to only thank G-d by her fourth child?
  25. Which child received the most birthday presents?
  26. Where did Rachel request that her maidservant give birth?
  27. What was the name of Billah’s first son and why was he called that name?
  28. Who named Dan his name?
  29. What was the name of Billah’s second son and why was he called that name?
  30. What was the name of Zilpa’s first son and why was he called that name?
  31. Who named Gad his name?
  32. What was the name of Zilpa’s second son and why was he called that name?
  33. What flower did Ruben bring his mother Leah?
  34. What did Leah accuse Rachel of doing and why do you think this was an unfair claim?
  35. What was the name of Leah’s 5th son and why was he called that name?
  36. What was the name of Leah’s 6th son and why was he called that name?
  37. What was the name of Rachel’s first son and why was he called that name?
  38. Why did Yaakov ask permission to go back home after Joseph was born?
  39. What matter of good luck happened to Lavan while Yaakov lived by him?
  40. What type of sheep did Yaakov ask for payment in exchange for his work for Lavan in shepherding his flock?
  41. Which color sheep did Lavan remove from the flock after the deal was made?
  42. What did Lavan do with the sheep that he removed from the flock?
  43. What did Yaakov do to the branches?
  44. Did Yaakov have any brown sheep born to him?
  45. Did Lavan get any sheep from Yaakov herd?
  46. How many times did Lavan change the salary of Yaakov?
  47. What is the difference between the Akudim and Nekudim sheep?
  48. How did Yaakov and his family travel?
  49. What did Rachel steal from her father?
  50. According to Scripture, how many people stole in this week’s Parsha?
  51. Which river did Yaakov and his family cross?
  52. On which day did Lavan discover that Yaakov ran away?
  53. In which mountain did Lavan and Yaakov meet?
  54. How do we know the Lavan was fond of music?
  55. How many things did Lavan accuse Yaakov of stealing?
  56. Why did Yaakov leave without telling Lavan?
  57. What curse did Yaakov say will occur to whoever stole Lavan’s idols?
  58. Where did Lavan search for his idols?
  59. In which tent did Lavan enter twice for the search?
  60. Where did Rachel hide the idols?
  61. According to Unkelus, what treat did Yaakov eat while he was a shepherd of Lavan?
  62. How many years was Yaakov by Lavan for?
  63. How many stone monuments did Yaakov make in this week’s Parsha?
  64. What Aramaic word is written in this week’s Parsha?
  65. What was the name of the stone mound made for the pact between Yaakov and Lavan?
  66. What foods did Yaakov and Lavan eat together?
  67. Who did Yaakov meet when he traveled after making the pack with Lavan?



  1. Bear Sheba
  2. Charan
  3. As the sun set
  4. Har Hamoriyah
  5. that he prayed
  6. The sun suddenly set earlier than usual
  7. Angels of God, specifically the Angels of the Diaspora were going up and the Angels of Israel were going down
  8. Vihinei Hashem Nitzav Alav
  9. Avraham?
  10. Ufaratzta
  11. That is a house of God and the gates of heaven
  12. twice
  13. rocks
  14. they turned into a single stone
  15. turn them into a monument
  16. the stone monument
  17. Har Hamoriyah, Luz, and Beis Keil
  18. clothing to wear and bread to eat and return safely home
  19. to turn the monument into a house of God give them Maaser from all that he had.
  20. The verse says that he carried his legs
  21. Three
  22. for enough shepherds to come to help remove the rock
  23. See Radak and other Mefarshim
  24. she was a shepherd
  25. as he saw that she would not be buried with him and because Elifaz stole all of his money
  26. the son of Eisav, and he tried to kill Yaakov based on the instructions of his father and instead simply took his money
  27. her uncle, Lavans brother
  28. he told this to Lavan
  29. she died and that’s why she ran to her father and her mother
  30. Hugged and kissed him
  31. one month
  32. Leah
  33. Leah as she cried over the perspective of marrying Eisav
  34. 14
  35. Zilpah
  36. seven days
  37. Bilah
  38. Leah
  39. as it comes to say that God saw her suffering
  40. as it comes to say that God heard her suffering
  41. from the words that from now on Yaakov will be with her
  42. the angel Gavriel
  43. from the words of thanks and God
  44. as now she had more children than her minimum share of three
  45. Levi, as the angel Gabrielle gave him the 24 priesthood presence
  46. her knees
  47. Dan, From the words that God has judged her
  48. Rachel
  49. Naftali to come to say that she is now equal with her sister
  50. Gad, from the word of good luck as well as betrayal
  51. Leah
  52. Asher, the fact that you will now be praised
  53. Jasmine
  54. he confronted her for stealing her husband
  55. Yissachar, from the words that God has given her reward for giving her maidservant to her husband
  56. Zebulun, from the words that now her husband will be mainly with her
  57. Yosef, from the words that God had gathered her shame and that he should add her another son
  58. as he knew that in Yosef’s merit he would be able to overcome an attack from Eisav
  59. he had sons
  60. Brown sheep and speckled and striped goats
  61. all white striped and speckled rams and all speckled and striped goats which had white and all brown sheep
  62. he gave them to his sons a three days distance
  63. he stripped them of some of their bark to reveal their white stripes and place them by the water area that the animals drank from.
  64. Look at the verse, it’s tricky, Ramban says that no.
  65. Yes, as the sticks were not placed by the later on sheep
  66. 100
  67. Nekudim means freckled while Akudim means white stripes
  68. on camels
  69. Terafim, which were basically voodoo dolls
  70. Two, Rachel and Yaakov
  71. Peras
  72. the third
  73. Har Hagilad
  74. he desired to have a symphony escort his daughters and grandchildren
  75. two, his heart and his voodoo dolls
  76. as he thought that he would kidnap his daughters
  77. death
  78. in the tent of each one of his four daughters
  79. the 10th of his daughter Rachel
  80. under saddle on the camel
  81. Gelida-ice cream
  82. 20
  83. Two, he made a second one when he made a pact with Lavan
  84. Yegar Sahadusa
  85. Gal Aid
  86. bread and meat
  87. Angels of G-d.

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