Noise to chase away animals

Making noise to chase away animals and birds:[1]

One should[2] not chase away animals and birds from his orchard through clapping his hands together or against his thigh or by stamping his feet on the ground, if this is done in the normal way that it is done during the week.[3] One may however do so in an irregular form. Possibly in today’s times one may even be lenient to do so in the regular fashion.[4]


[1] 338/5

[2] Ideally this is forbidden due to a Rabbinical decree, however since Admur concludes that today possibly this is allowed, therefore we wrote above that it is proper to avoid doing so and not that it is a complete prohibition. Being Admur does bring down the prohibition and does not plainly rule that one may be lenient, we therefore wrote that one should avoid doing so.

[3] This prohibition is due to a decree that one may come to pick up a stone and throw it at them towards a public area [Reshus Harabim] [ibid]

[4] As since today there are opinions which say the concept of a Reshus Harabim no longer exists, and rather all areas are Rabbinical regarding carrying, therefore the decree no longer applies, as the Sages did not make a decree upon a decree. Nevertheless one is not to protests against women and children which play these games on the ground, as certainly they will not obey to the prohibition, and it is better they do so unintentionally then intentionally. [ibid]

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