May one use a door knocker on Shabbos?

May one use a door knocker on Shabbos?[1]

Background-Making noise with an item on Shabbos:

The sages prohibited one from sounding music on Shabbos, due to the crazy one way come to fix musical instruments.[2] Included in this prohibition is sounding any sound with the intent of making it into a tune or melody. However, if one’s intent is simply to make a noise and not a melody or tune, then the following law applies:

Item not designated for noise making:[3] It is permitted to make noise[4] on Shabbos using an item that is not designated for noise making, so long as one does not intent to sound a tune of music with this noise.

Item designated for noise making: [It is disputed amongst Poskim as to whether an item designated for noisemaking may be used to make noise on Shabbos. Some Poskim[5] rule that it is permitted to make noise with any instrument if one does not intend to sound a tone, even if the instrument is designated for music.] Other Poskim[6], however, rule that it is forbidden to use an item which is designated for noise making[7] to make noise on Shabbos, even though no tune or melody is being sounded, due to a decree that one may come to fix it.[8] Practically, the [Ashkenazi] custom is like the latter opinion.[9] [Furthermore, some Sephardim are also accustomed to be stringent like the latter opinion[10], although others are lenient like the former opinion.[11]]


The Law-Using a door knocker:[12]

Based on the final ruling, and custom stated above, one is not to use a door knocker to knock on a door on Shabbos even though one has no intent to sound a tune or melody. Accordingly, it is forbidden for the community Shamash to knock on doors to call people to come to Shul using the set door knocker. Rather, he is to knock on the door with his hands, and so is the custom.[13] Some communities, however, are accustomed [not to use their hands to knock, but rather] to knock with another instrument that is not designated for knocking.[14] [Thus, one may knock using a key, or any item that is not designated for knocking. The above however only applies for Ashkenazim, however amongst Sephardim, many are lenient to permit knocking on the door with a door knocker.[15]]



Ashkenazim may not use a door knocker to knock on a door on Shabbos.

If one cannot enter the home without using the door knocker, such as nobody can hear him knocking with his hand, may he use it?

Some Poskim[16] rule that in such a case one may be lenient to use it, as rules the first opinion stated above. Other Poskim[17], however, question this ruling.



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