Miluiy Veiruiy Shalosh Peamim

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Miluiy Veiruiy Shalosh Peamim:[1]

This refers to soaking water in the vessel for 24 hours, three times. One fills up the vessel till it’s very top with even cold water, and lets it sit there for 24 hours or more, and then spills out the water. One does this for a total of three times, even inconsecutively.

When is it required: All Kasherable vessels which had Chametz soaked in liquid for 24 hours require Hagala, or have the alternative option of having water soaked in them three times for 24 hours. This form of Kashering is valid even for earthenware vessels which absorbed cold Chametz through having it soak in them for 24 hours. This form of Kashering is not a valid alternative for any of the previously mentioned forms of Kashering.


[1] Admur 451:60

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