Can one Kasher vessels or ones kitchen on Pesach, such as on Chol Hamoed?

One is unable to Kasher his vessels through Hagala once the night of Pesach enters being that Chametz is not nullified even in 1000x. This applies even if the vessels are not Ben Yomo and there is 60x in the water. Nonetheless, one may Kasher a vessel through Libun even on Pesach.

Sources: Admur 452:19 and 20 that we rule like first opinion; Other opinions: According to the two other opinions mentioned in the previous footnotes, it is possible to Kasher a vessel even on Pesach if it is not Ben Yomo, or there is 60x, and one removes the pot while the water is boiling, or removes it prior to finishing its expelling. [Admur 452:19] We do not rule like their opinion. [Admur 452:20]

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