Hafrashas Challah on wheat and spelt doughs which were placed on same counter

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Hafrashas Challah on wheat and spelt flour

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I made two batches of dough using different flours, one was wheat flour and the second was spelt, and each was less than 1000 grams. I am always careful to keep them separate and on different counters, so they don’t join for Shiur Challah. Now, my son went ahead and took the spelt dough and placed it on the counter with the wheat dough and I want to know if I have to now take off Challah.


No, you do not need to separate Challah. The flours and doughs of two different species of flour cannot join for Shiur Challah unless one is not particular against having them mix. Thus, so long as you desire to have breads made of different species of flour the doughs do not join even if you intentionally place them in the same vessel in order to be able to do Hafrashas Challah. Even in such a case, you remain exempt from Hafrashas Challah so long as there is not Shiur Challah in any individual dough.

Sources: See Michaber Y.D. 326:1; Chalas Lechem 5:14; Hilchos Hafrashas Challah [Bruyer] p. 77-78

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