From the Rav’s Desk: Placing Mezuzos on the doors of one’s home before actually moving in

  1. Question: [Thursday 8th Marcheshvan 5782]

We are moving homes and the house to we are moving into already contains some Mezuzos on its doors while other doors do not have any Mezuzos for which we have already purchased new Mezuzos. I would like to know if I can place the new Mezuzos on these doors prior to moving in or if I must wait until I move. Also, can I ready take down the Mezuzos that are on the doors for the sake of having them checked and then replace them back onto the doors before I move?



You should not place the new Mezuzos onto the doors until you actually move into the home, in which case you are to place it there on that same day, with a blessing if you live in Eretz Yisrael, and without a blessing if you live in the Diaspora and are simply renting the home. Likewise, you should wait to take down and check the Mezuzos that already there until you actually move in. If you live in the Diaspora in a rented home, then take it down on the 30th day and have it checked, and then replace it with a blessing having in mind all the other Mezuzos.

Explanation: A home does not become obligated in Mezuzos until one actually lives there. Accordingly, putting up a Mezuzah before actually moving into the home enters into a question of whether a blessing may be said, and if the Mezuzos must be removed and then replaced with a blessing after one finally moves in, due to the issue of Taaseh Velo Min Hassuiy. Practically, while the Poskim debate this matter, it is proper to avoid it altogether, and simply delay putting them up, or having them check until one actually moves in.

Sources: See regarding placing Mezuzos on the home prior to moving in: M”A 19:1 that if he puts it up before moving, he is to say a blessing of “Ladur Babayis Sheyeish Bah Mezuzah” even prior to living in the house; Birkeiy Yosef 19:2; Birchas Habayis 59:2 footnote 2 who argues that no such blessing exists, and its Taaseh Velo Min Hasuiy, and concludes to put it up only after moving, and if placed before moving to remove after moving and have it checked and then replace with blessing; Kaf Hachaim 19:3 vehemently disputes the novel ruling of saying the blessing brought in M”A ibid, and says the blessing may not be said; Piskeiy Teshuvos 19:2; Sdei Chemed Mareches Mem 127 Rashban 63; Shut Rav Akiva Eiger 9; Har Tzevi Y.D. 236; Mezuzah Shemira Ubracha [Bressman] pp. 98-99; See regarding the difference between Israel and the diaspora by a rented and if it is obligated within 30 days of moving: Michaber Y.D. 286:22; Igros Kodesh 13/169; 15/389 [printed in Shulchan Menachem 5/226;  Shaarey Halacha Uminhag 3 126]

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