Eggs on Pesach

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Stringencies relating to eggs:

Stamp on eggs: Egg marking is a standard regulatory procedure followed in many countries to convey information to consumers. The dye used on the eggs in many cases contains alcohol, which may have been produced from Chametz derivatives and hence creates a Kashrus concern regarding Pesach. Due to this, many are accustomed to purchase eggs without stamps for Pesach, or to wash off the stamps. Some Hashgacha organizations have taken the initiative to ensure that the ink used in companies under their supervision is made from Kosher for Pesach products. The eggs under Tenuva, for example, carry the Hechsher of the Eida Hachareidis, and their dye is free of any Kashrus concern over Pesach.

Washing the eggs before Pesach: One is to wash the eggs before Pesach, or at least before cooking, as quite often the eggs are found together with Chametz feed which gets stuck onto it.[1] Nonetheless, in previous times, the custom of the Rebbeim was not to be particular to do so.[2]

Cooking the eggs in a separate pot:[3] Some are accustomed to use a designated pot to cook the eggs and do not use that pot for any other purpose throughout Pesach.

The egg box: One is to search the egg box prior to Pesach to verify it does not contain any grains or Chametz from the chicken feed.


[1] Ben Ish Chaiy Tzav 30; Kaf Hachaim 473:64; See Nitei Gavriel 40:1

[2] See Otzer Minhagei Chabad Nissan p. 64 that the cook in Tomchei Temimim once asked the Temimim why they do not wash the eggs before Pesach? The Temimim then asked Rebbetzin Rivkah if she washes the eggs, and she answered that she is not accustomed to do so. When the Temimim came to the Rebbe Rashab to ask what they should do the Rebbe told them that on the “Safta” they do not want to rely but on the cook they do!

[3] Ashel Avraham Butchach 447; Aruch Hashulchan 452:18

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