Ear plugs

May one enter ear plugs into his ears on Shabbos?[1]

  • Sponge:Yes. There is no resemblance of a prohibition in doing so.[2]
  • Wax:

Some opinions[3] forbid doing so due to the smearing prohibition as well as a possible fixing a vessel prohibition, being that he has to form the wax around his ear and in the hole for it to properly close out the noise.

Others[4] permit doing so if it was prepared before Shabbos for the measurement of one’s ear hole, as in such a case there is very minute smearing that must be done, and such a minute amount is insignificant.


[1] Piskeiy Teshuvos 314/6. It is a wonderment that he does not make mention of the ruling of the SSH”K regarding the wax ear plugs!

[2] Pashut and so rules Piskeiy Teshuvah 314/6 footnote 22.

[3] SSH”K 14/39

[4] Shraga Hameir 5/23

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