By what time must one eat the Matzah during the Seder?

By when must one eat the Matzah [of Motzi Matzah] on the night of the Seder?[1]
One is required to fulfill the Mitzvah of eating Matzah prior to midnight.[2] [If one eats the Matzah only after midnight, some Poskim[3] rule he does not fulfill his obligation and has thus lost the Mitzvah. Other Poskim[4] rule he can nevertheless fulfill the Biblical Mitzvah up until Alos Hashachar. Other Poskim[5] rule that this matter is left in question, and hence one is to be stringent like both opinions, and eat Matzah without a blessing. Practically, if one did not yet eat the Matzah and it is already after midnight, he is to eat the Matzah without the blessing of “Al Achilas Matzah.”[6] If it is already close to midnight and one did not yet eat the Matzah, he is to skip from wherever he is holding and perform Motzi Matzah before midnight. The same applies to a person who awoke from a sleep moments before midnight that he should say Kadesh and immediately afterwards recite Motzi Matzah.[7] This applies for both the first and second Seder.[8]]

Until how late may one begin the Seder-May one delay eating Matzas Mitzvah [of Motzi Matzah] until past midnight?[9]   
No. One who does so enters into a question as to whether he has forfeited the Mitzvah, and hence is to eat Matzah without a blessing. Thus, those who desire to begin their Seder after the Mivtzaim Seder, must beware to at the very least eat the Matzah before midnight.


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[2] The reason: As just like the Karban Pesach may only be eaten until midnight, so too the Matzah may only be eaten until midnight, as the verse states Al Matzos Umerorim Yochluhu, thus teaching us that the eating of Matzah is connected, and follows similar laws, to the Pesach [Admur 458/2] This follows the opinion of Rebbe Elazar Ben Azaria, brought next.

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Other opinions: Some Poskim rule that the final ruling of the Talmud is like Rebbe Akiva that the Mitzvah of Matzah applies throughout the night, until Alos Hashachar. [Mishkanos Yaakov 139; Or Yisrael 475; Or Sameiach 6/1; Sdei Chemed Mareches Chametz Umatzah 14/11; See Nitei Gavriel ibid footnote 1]

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Other opinions: Some Poskim defend the practice of those who recite a blessing over the Matzah even after midday. [Darkei Chaim Veshalom 605; See Nitei Gavriel ibid footnote 6]

[9] See Halacha ?? where this matter was discussed in detail

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