8. From where in a Shul should the Shofar be blown

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8. From where in a Shul should the Shofar be blown: [1]

The Tekios of Musaf do not have to be sounded from the Bima. Rather the Baal Tokeia can stay in his place and blow.[2] [Nevertheless some communities are accustomed that the Baal Tokeia of Musaf walks to the Bima before Musaf and blows from there.[3]]


[1] 592/9; Darkei Moshe 585/1; M”A 592/6; Elya Raba 592/8; M”B 592/9

[2] The reason: Although it is customary to blow the Shofar for Meyushav from the Bima of the Shul out of respect for the Shul, this is not necessary by the Tekios in Musaf as since the Tekios of Musaf are recited during the prayer we therefore do not trouble him to walk to the Bima. [Admur ibid] See Chapter 2 Halacha 6

[3] Mateh Efraim 592/9; P”M 592 A”A 6; Kaf Hachaim 592/27


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