11. Marital relations on Rosh Hashanah

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11. Marital Relations on Rosh Hashanah [1]

One is to avoid marital relations on both nights of Rosh Hashanah, in order not to enter into a state of Keri.

Mikveh Night: If the 1st or 2nd night of Rosh Hashanah is the night of Mikvah then one is obligated to have intercourse that night. [One who refrains from doing so is considered as if he is performing a Mitzvah as a result of an Aveira.[2] If a woman delayed going to Mikveh prior to Rosh Hashanah some Poskim[3] rule she is not to immerse on the night of Rosh Hashanah.[4] However many Poskim[5] rule that she is to immerse.]

Strong desire:[6] Those who feel a strong desire which may prove difficult to withhold are better to have intercourse than to come to doing a sin.

Immersing in a Mikveh the next morning:[7] A man who had marital relations on the night of Rosh Hashanah, such as in the event of Mikveh night or a strong desire, is to immerse in a Mikveh the next morning prior to Shacharis. [In the event that one knows he will be unable to immerse in a Mikveh the next morning he is nevertheless obligated in marital relations if his wife went to Mikveh that night.[8]]


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Why is this not forbidden due to the prohibition of a woman immersing on Shabbos if she could have immerses before hand? The custom to prohibit a woman to immerse on Shabbos if she could have done so before hand [see Admur 326/8; Rama Yoreh Deah 197/2] does not apply on Yom Tov. [Toras Hashelamim 197/3; Sidrei Taharah 197/2; Chochmas Adam 118/8; Lechem Vesimla 197/10; Levushei Mordechai 93; Shaareiy Tohar 17/4; Divrei Yatziv 104; Nitei Gavriel 31/13]

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